The principle of the online casino. How slot machines work in online casinos?

Almost all online casinos work on the same principle. They buy software from development companies and give it to players. Please note that most online casinos offer the same slot machines and other games. This is because they use the same set of software, for example, Microgaming, NetEntertainment, Play’n GO, etc.

There are online casinos that work on their own software. However, there is always less confidence in such operators, since there is a risk that they will “twist” the games in their favor. After all, they have such an opportunity. If the software is bought and specialized developers, then the online casino can no longer intervene in the system. Play online players will be on the server of the developer (this is not understood by the vast majority of players), so you can be sure that the results are not adjusted. Of course, if the developer is known, reliable and licensed.

At the heart of each game is a random number generator (RNG). It makes the game unpredictable. When you twist the reels of the gaming machine, the RNG outputs a random digital combination that is then converted into game symbols on your screen. The same principle works in any other online casino games: cards, board games, lotteries.

Each game has its own RNG settings. They depend on the percentage return to the players, known as RTP (return to player). It means how many players on average will receive in the form of wins at a huge distance. The percentage of 90% return indicates that 90% of the players’ money will be returned to them in payments, but only at a long distance.

A greater distance means that we are talking about a huge number of bets. At a short distance, when it comes to a few dozen and hundreds of bets, the percentage of return can be very different, be more or less

Often the percentage of return is perceived incorrectly. Players think that 90% should return during one game session. However, this is the percentage that is observed over a long period. For example, in millions of rotations of slot machines. With a short game, the refund percentage does not work.

Top Casinos list

Disco Bar Slot

Having opened the Disco Bar 7s slot from Booming, you will be transported to the far 80s

Da Vinci’s Treasure Slot

Map Quest - when activated, you will see a treasure map that consists of 23 cells

Vegas VIP Gold Slot

Scatter symbol - these are two platinum cards with the abbreviation SC VIP

HiddenValley Slot

On the right side of the game screen you will see a column with available rates and the maximum

Rise Of Olympus Slot

During the main game, the God Hand function can be activated in a random order

Berryburst Slot

Wild symbol has the form of an ice cube, and is the key symbol of a new slot.

The most profitable slot machines. What is it and how to find them?

The concept of “profitabler” slot is often just misunderstood. This relates to how much easier it is to receive winnings. That is, giving gambling machines is simply the ones that generally pay an average of more money to players, rather than those that at some point are ready to give out more gains than usual.

Wrong concept of gaming machine giver

It is mistakenly believed that slot machines can “ripen” for wins. Therefore, in land casinos especially “smart” players even look out those slots that do not pay a decent amount of money for a long time. Then they sit down for them in the hope that a generous time has come.

But this is not so. Ten, twenty, fifty and even a hundred rotations do not mean anything. If at that time no winning combination has fallen out, the slot can give out the losing rotations for a long time, or give the player a series of winnings. Everything depends on the case.

Some online casinos further mislead players, confirming their misconception about gambling machines. They, according to some principles, mark that some slots are others like Hot, suggesting that the slot is ready to issue wins.

Where to find gaming machines?

In fact, any player can find out which gaming machine is more giving, and which is less. This is done simply on the basis of the RTP slot. The layout is as follows: RTP from 97% – gaming machine giving; 95-96% – average, from 94% and lower – low payments. So, learn RTP and you will know which slots to play more profitable.

Many developers publish their RTP slots. So you can easily get this information. But to be more convenient, you can find information about all the slot machines on the websites of some casinos. The VideoSlots operator in this respect is beyond competition. In his “Payments” section he publishes official and real RTPs of all the slots available on the site.

Moreover, you can sort by the highest or lowest payout. For example, the most gaming slot machines are just three slots on the VideoSlots site: Mega Joker, Nemo’s Voyage and Ooh Aah Dracula. All of them pay 99%. And the most profitable are three professional series of blackjack with a single deck (low, standard and high limits). They offer 99.8% RTP.

However, the most profitable ones are often not the most exciting. Take at least three of the most generous slots on VideoSlots. All of them are simple, unremarkable slots. Mega Joker is a slot with three reels and five lines. No spectacular graphics or exciting bonus features. Although Nemo’s Voyage and Ooh Aah Dracula look more modern, they are far from today’s standards on the schedule and bonuses.

Winning bonuses

The most giving gambling machines are often excluded from the list of available games when playing out bonuses. This is due to the fact that players can get an advantage if they use the bonuses and will be able to play them on high-impact games. Therefore, carefully read the rules of bonuses. There you will surely find a limitation on games.

Or the VideoSlots operator approach can be applied. Players are encouraged to play any slots. But at the same time, the higher the RTP, the less interest from the bet will be counted in the wagering. The stakes on games with 95% RTP give 125% to outplaying, 97% give 75%. But here goes the minus 0.25% of the contribution for each additional 0.01% of the return. For example, betting on games with 98% will give only 50%. A bet on games with a return of 99% gives only 25%.


At the expense of giving gaming machines there are many myths that are not grounded. The casino games have an accident, so no one can know what will happen after a series of wins or losses. Perhaps, the series will continue for a long time or it will be interrupted immediately. After all, it happens that the millionth progressive jackpots break the day after the previous win. Either for years, no one can break the jackpot.

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