Slot tournaments in online casinos. All you need to know

Now many online casinos are hosting slot tournaments. This adds to the appeal, as the players no longer just spin the drums, but tend to win other participants for big or small prizes.

How to participate in a slot tournament?

In an online casino, as a rule, you do not need to pay for participating in a slot tournament. Usually anyone can join, and for this you do not even need to register anywhere. Just need to play these games and gain tournament points.


Usually there are a lot of slots in the tournament, on which you can play. Often they are selected according to a similar theme. But sometimes there are tournaments for individual developers, when the game only happens on slot machines of one studio.


Please note that not all bets can qualify. Often, online casinos set the minimum bet size. If you bet less, the bet will not be credited. The requirements for a mini game can be different for different tournaments. So read the rules.


Some operators offer tournaments with buy-in. When a player must pay for participation. Then the game will take place not on his real money, but on loans issued by the institution. Everyone is given the same number of credits. This format of tournaments is more popular in land-based casinos.


Usually time in such cases is limited, so players need a strategy. Put a lot and expect a big win or evenly split the amount for the entire tournament and collect small prizes.


How to win in tournaments on slot machines?

The rules for the collection of points can be different. Someone takes into account winnings, and in other casinos rates can be considered. In Casino-X, for example, at the moment, the Weekly Tournament is held. Points are awarded for winnings. The more winnings, the more points.


But they also have other ways of charging tournament points, which are calculated using the formulas “maximum winning ratio” and “maximum winning series”. In this case, everything will depend, first, on the size of the win. Secondly, the length of the winning series.


The win in the amount of x0 to x1 gives 0 points, from x1 to x3 gives 1 point, etc. The larger the win, the more points. Winnings from x100 give 999 points. Also takes into account a series of winnings. 1, 3, 7 15, 50, 150 points for a series of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more wins in a row.


In addition, Casino-X offers the opportunity to increase the number of points awarded by 50%. This function calls “Boosters”. It is activated when the player standing in front of you in the standings becomes inactive. This happens if the opponent does not bet more than 15 minutes.


To be more likely to win the tournament, it’s best to choose small, little-known casinos. There will be little competition and it will be easier to get into the leaders.

Duration of the tournament slot

Tournaments on slot machines in online casinos usually last at least 1 day. You can often meet weekly tournaments, and sometimes they last even longer. For example, the tournament in Casino-X, timed to the World Cup in Russia, lasts 30 days.


Prize fund

Depends on the duration, rules and number of participants. The prize fund can be fixed, and can be formed based on the number of players. For example, if a casino charges for participation in a tournament, then it can establish a guaranteed prize pool. If the players are small, then the winners will not be less than this amount. And if there are a lot of participants, the size of the prize fund will grow with each new participant.


Casino-X offers both fixed and progressive prize pools. In the latter case, the prize pool increases with the increase in the stake amount of participants. Then the fee for prizes is indicated not in money, but in percentage.






















How are casino slot slots paid?

Read the rules of each tournament in which you want to participate. There it should be said, prize prizes are awarded as real money, or they should be won back. In Casino-X, for example, winnings are usually credited as bonuses, with a wager x3.